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Blogging. Why?



I’m posting a link here to a blog I read today and it expresses exactly how I feel.  It’s as if she peeked into my head and pulled out all the nagging, second-guessing, head scratching and self-recrimination in that half-empty cavern and threw them on a public post using clever words and perfect phrasing about why I continue to write. In particular, why I blog.  Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

I Came across a wonderful storyteller and her blog, Nutsrok. This sweet story about her adventures in a broken-down old camper made me smile and think back on a simpler time in my own life:

Fifty dollars would have bought more than two week’s supply of groceries.  Though he gave Mother no end of grief about her extravagant spending at the grocery store, he wasn’t short-sighted and stingy and saw the great potential in this bus-camper.   Read here…

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Being Versus Doing – Unblocking Creative Block

But what then of the “being” part of being a human being ? As someone clever pointed out, we’re “human beings” not “human doings”, for a reason …

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