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“Other” Lane Discovered in Leavenworth County


screamerLeavenworth County, Kan. –Reports early Saturday afternoon indicate unusual behavior for drivers headed south on Kan. Highway 7, just outside of Lansing, Kansas.  Several witnesses called the station with similar reports of Leavenworth County (LvCo) drivers operating vehicles while in the right-hand lane as they traveled south on the highway.

One witness said she saw several southbound LvCo drivers gripping the steering wheel, “…(they were) white-knuckled, with expressions of abject terror on their faces.  A passenger in one car had her eyes covered with her hands and appeared to be screaming,” the witness said.  “I’ve never in my life seen a driver from Leavenworth County driving in the right-hand lane.  It was terrifying.”

Another witness reported that at least one driver in the left lane was gesturing wildly to the drivers in the right lane to get back over to the “normal” driving lane. The driver was screaming, “What are you doing over there?” the witness said. Continue reading

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Thanks for Nothing Milton


Going into this race several months ago, I looked hard at Milton Wolf and chatted with him a bit.  I am fairly independent and open to hearing new ideas, new ways to accomplish the ultimate goal of freedom, independence, and self-reliance.  In speaking with Wolf, I did not come away with a feeling of great confidence that he would tackle those issues and battle the forces in congress that are damning our collective personal and national condition. Continue reading

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