Thanks for Nothing Milton


Going into this race several months ago, I looked hard at Milton Wolf and chatted with him a bit.  I am fairly independent and open to hearing new ideas, new ways to accomplish the ultimate goal of freedom, independence, and self-reliance.  In speaking with Wolf, I did not come away with a feeling of great confidence that he would tackle those issues and battle the forces in congress that are damning our collective personal and national condition.  He had pat answers, typical of a kid who has only read about the big party but never really attended.   He came off a bit wild-eyed and to be honest, appeared to size me up quickly as a person who could not improve his political collateral.  In other words, he had little interest in me.  I couldn’t help him win the prize and apparently, winning was the only plan he had.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he be campaigning for Roberts to keep the liberal democrat Orman out of office? 

As much as I despise Reid and Pelosi, I don’t believe them to be evil.  Just not very bright.  They are deeply and inextricably mired in an ideology of group-think, as are most Democrats, making them dangerous to individual freedoms.  Conversely, they are comically hypocritical in their legislative endeavors:  what is good for the general public is not quite good enough for them.  They are the true 1 percenters.

The obvious problem with this kind of dogma is that is disallows its devout disciples to back off a bad idea once the idea is revealed as flawed, i.e. the Affordable Care Act, Affirmative Action, most welfare programs, food stamps, Common Core, open borders, increased minimum wages, etc.  In the face of absolute proof that an idea will not only fail but also damage the republic, they continue to defend the idea.  That’s dangerous.  And dumb.  And it only works on a population that is also mired in the group-think, i.e. liberal Democrats.  The concepts become frighteningly socialistic as they play out in America. Reasonable people worry.

When the Tea Party burst onto the scene, the excitement was hard to ignore.  Taxed Enough Already?  Hell to the yes.  I’m on board!!  Exposing the fraud and waste of a central government that is virtually bleeding to death is the obvious solution.  Finally we can stop the creeping malady created by those  ideologues who march lockstep with ideals of progressivism and liberalism (free stuff!!).

I still believe the Tea Party will not exactly save us, but will help us correct the mistakes of the milquetoast republican  party.  The Tea Party will force a spine into those lily-livered politicians who only care about the next election and the next campaign, which starts, incidentally, the moment they are elected.  It will remind them that this is not Hollywood.  This is America and our representatives are elected to do one thing:  represent.

Has Roberts fallen prey to the pressures of the social-media driven left wing?  Yep.  And he was promptly spanked for it.  And took note.  He backed off votes that outraged his base.  He listened.   He is responsive.

That said, it is imperative that we remember that legislation is not fast food.  It cannot be delivered hot and delicious in mere minutes.  It is a concentrated, contracted, complicated endeavor that requires a certain amount of give-and-take.  Like it or not.  We are seeing now the effects of all that fast food.  Delicious, fast, easy, cheap.  It’s poison.  And it’s deadly. 

Wolf looked like the answer for a minute.  He is young, good-looking, edgy, irreverent and hip, social-media savvy and kissing cousin to the Obominable Hussein.  Unfortunately for the Tea Party, he suffers from the  age-old Hollywood syndrome of being a big shiny star without any discernible street cred.  When challenged on his credentials, he conveniently weaves them together from the fears and desperation of an increasingly restless republican base.  He looked like Hope but he turned out to be just another pretty face, `a la so much Hollywood fantasy.

I’ve chatted with Roberts at a couple of events.  He is warm, engaging, genuine, and his demeanor leaves me feeling reassured and confident.  It is pretty much the same feeling as finding out that mom was right all those years about the pitfalls of sneaking out the window to drink and party and be with the beautiful people (at the local bar).  After all, mom is old.  What does she know about my fears and hopes?  As I suffered and tried to find some saliva in my parched throat, mom patted my aching head and assured me that I would survive my wild night(s) out and learn a good lesson from it.  I survived.  But, I did some damage along the way.  Mom was right.

Roberts is right in this election.  Milton hurt us.  He was a wild ride and he left us hung-over with illusions that change must happen at any cost.  But Wolf lost and the price we will pay for that wild ride is too high.  We face another contrived candidate, young and polished and poised to play on our burgeoning fears about our personal futures and our Country.

Orman is stronger than ever because Wolf convinced a substantial and nervous segment of the base that change merely for the sake of change is a good idea.  But Wolf was only a facade.  Nothing behind the curtain.  Just change.  What will happen to America if we don’t change, change, change??   We already know that change for the sake of change is dangerous.  The whole ‘change’ experiment is failing.

Roberts is a fighter.  He is strong and smart and wise.  He is responsive to his electorate.  I do not get a sense that he is nervous or worried.  The people will choose a candidate and he is old enough to understand the impact of that.  I’m voting for him.  I like him.  He is one of us.  An old Kansan.  Wolf was, and Orman is, a wild night on the town and like Obama, an absolute disaster.  Say hello to your favorite Uncle Reid if Roberts loses.


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