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What Difference Does Trump Make?

I’m not upset about Donald Trump. What would be the point? Everybody is upset all the time and there’s just no point in it anymore.

Nobody cares because nobody can hear the voices of all the other upset people because everybody is always too upset while expressing their hurt and anger to hear other people expressing hurt and anger. All this anger and upsetness is mostly expressed on social media and in response to stories published by that other media we used to call The News. Continue reading

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Thanks for Nothing Milton


Going into this race several months ago, I looked hard at Milton Wolf and chatted with him a bit.  I am fairly independent and open to hearing new ideas, new ways to accomplish the ultimate goal of freedom, independence, and self-reliance.  In speaking with Wolf, I did not come away with a feeling of great confidence that he would tackle those issues and battle the forces in congress that are damning our collective personal and national condition. Continue reading

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