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Facebooking with Grandma:

Social Media 101 

selfie (3)

I took a quick scroll thru my Facebook feed before bed last night and recognized a young woman’s selfie among the hundreds of other selfies.  She is a friend of one of my kids and was dressed in some kind of lacy, low-cut top with plenty of cleavage on display. Continue reading

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I Used to be a News Junkie

I used to be a news junkie.  Now I just wallow in useless information. It’s a little like shifting from imported beer connoisseur to vodka swilling barfly, and the vodka is not Absolut. Just Smirnoff. I’m not a drinker but back in the drinking day it would have been more like going from Boones Farm to Grain Alcohol. Labels Schmabels.  Continue reading

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