Get Out Of The Way!!

Whaaaaatt?Okay, so I get that great care should be taken when driving a 4000 pound vehicle where pedestrians are milling around – like the Walmart parking lot.  But seriously.  Get the fuck out of the way.

I mean, is it just me or has the flow of traffic in parking lots taken a turn for the worse?   When 7 cars are stopped for two or three slow, fat, smart-assy pedestrians who would actually be going backwards if they walked any slower, I cannot be the only driver thinking, fuck it, hit them.  Or at least drive up really close to their fat asses  and honk like hell.

Courtesy, safety, caution.. I get it.  It just doesn’t make sense for 7 cars to stop for 1.5 minutes to wait for these inconsiderate pukes to lolly-gag their asses across the driveway when it would take only 1/2 a  minute for all 7 cars to get past the cross-walk making it perfectly safe and convenient for them to stroll at their leisure any old way they wish.

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3 thoughts on “Get Out Of The Way!!

  1. tenbrokenbullets says:

    Haha! My friend and I were just talking about this! Walmart is the WORST!
    I like your idea of driving right up to them and honking your horn as loud as you can.
    I’m going to do that next time ;]

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  2. indiaguerita says:

    You must be referring to the “legendary” Wal-Mart near us…

    My favorite are the 650 pound (bra-less) women (in dangerously paper-thin jeggings and tube top), chewing what appears to be a handful of bubblegum, lumbering across a 20 foot span of (never ending) asphalt…while they smirk at you…or worse: herding their seven tiny children whilst talking nonchalantly on their cell…

    Clearly no fucks given by anyone anymore.


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