It wasn’t the ‘news’ media that created the Starbucks Cup Crises. It was their corporate sponsor, Starbucks themselves. They must’ve known full well that every self-righteous atheist and supremely confident Christian in the country would immediately march right over and order up a beverage in a Red Cup–just to protest the whole hullabaloo. Brilliant marketing scheme, especially since the ‘news’ media in America really has nothing else to talk about now except for Ben Carson’s scholarship and Ted Cruz’s dad in Cuba. Thank goodness for corporate sponsors supporting the ‘news’ media. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any news at all!! ‪#‎asheepatthewheel‬ ‪#‎newsforsale‬ ‪#‎simpleminds‬ ‪#‎entertainedtodeath‬ ‪#‎americafadesaway‬

Red Cups

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