What’s the deal with the little peek-a-boo game the WordPress Follow followbutton plays?  Is it just me or is it seriously maddening?  Exactly what is the magic movement that causes it to appear and then suddenly disappear as I get too close?   I mean, I don’t know anything about coding but if I did I’d say something like, “That’s just bad code there,”  or something like that.

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Was there ever a driver who asked, ‘Why can’t I see thru that large pile of cement? What’s that, a hill you say?’ #Nannystate #asheepatthewheel #nomorefreethinkers

I’d like to personally thank whomever it was in our splendiferous local government that installed these little samples of pure genius. For nearly one hundred years drivers have been scratching their heads and asking why it is they can’t see very far down the road. Now we know.

Hill Blocks View

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It wasn’t the ‘news’ media that created the Starbucks Cup Crises. It was their corporate sponsor, Starbucks themselves. They must’ve known full well that every self-righteous atheist and supremely confident Christian in the country would immediately march right over and order up a beverage in a Red Cup–just to protest the whole hullabaloo. Brilliant marketing scheme, especially since the ‘news’ media in America really has nothing else to talk about now except for Ben Carson’s scholarship and Ted Cruz’s dad in Cuba. Thank goodness for corporate sponsors supporting the ‘news’ media. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any news at all!! ‪#‎asheepatthewheel‬ ‪#‎newsforsale‬ ‪#‎simpleminds‬ ‪#‎entertainedtodeath‬ ‪#‎americafadesaway‬

Red Cups

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sept15 030Here’s the thing about Googling recipes. If the link says, “Easy Carrot Soup Anyone Can Make!!” and then the recipe calls for essence of chicken beak, kosher, double pressed coconut oil, 1/16 tsp of anything, no-chicken chicken broth (wtf?), 1/2 sprig of chervil (???), OR, displays the entire recipe in a slide show with lots of blah, blah, #imsoclever blah, blah, the recipe is NOT easy and I can’t make it until the chicken beaks arrive (two day shipping: Amazon). I just wanted a nice carrot soup.

Chicken Beaks

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My Daily Gripes Notes:

1. Stores should not be allowed to call themselves “super” anything if they are out of Cilantro in August. I just don’t get that.

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Daily Notes

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owsI am not wealthy and I do not wish to be aligned with a misguided, poorly informed group that has so completely lost its message and destroyed what was left of its credibility when there could, actually, have been a meaningful demonstration of the frustration, anger and hopelessness that many Americans feel right now.  I am neither clueless nor do I pander to destructive platforms or politicians.  I am also not a nutball conspiracy-theorist who jumps on-board with every anarchistic snake-oil salesman who has just enough net worth to stumble  into a presidential race.  furthermore, while I am certainly concerned about the future of our country’s financial buttfuckery, I do not feel hopeless, nor do I blame it on any one party or one politician or policy.  That would be.. well.. stupid, clueless and a complete abdication of my autonomy (I believe there are 12-step programs for folks who prefer to be taken care of by others).  As for any reference to being shat upon by my ‘masters,’ perhaps I am just more clever and self sufficient than you or the folks who camp out for weeks in the rain and the filth as the other   tax-paying  Americans continue to work  or seek employment and who wield their considerable power behind the curtains of a ballot box.   But, I absolutely believe you should stay in the tent and huddle under a dirty (donated) blanket while your corporate sponsors feed you and keep the lights on for you and the police force surrounds you to keep the rest of us safe on our way to work.

Facebook Response to Occupy Attackers

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