Dear Followers (All Three of You)

As some of you are aware, my website,, was inadvertently deleted.  The blame for this technical SNAFU is primarily on me. is not without fault on this, but in the end, I could have avoided the whole incident had I been more attentive to the endless barrage of misleading emails I receive from the Big Website Bully Daddy.

5 Reasons You Should Leave GoDaddy:

This includes buying domain names users search for and then inflating the value of these domains when users return to purchase them so GoDaddy makes a larger profit on the transaction.-

I’m working furiously to restore the site with my backed-up content and will have it completed in coming weeks, however, all the brilliant comments and encouragements from my readers family and friends are gone.  Forever.

I should probably not admit how devastated I am about this because it will reveal how shallow and self-absorbed I am, but, I’ve been sick about it.  Really.  I’m that needy.  I’m even sadder about losing the hateful remarks from the haters.  Those little quips make my day.  Really.  I’m that shallow.

Anyway, for my devoted readers, I’ll be back.  Piece by painful piece.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Followers (All Three of You)

  1. lbeth1950 says:

    Hope I get your posts. Signed up for email.


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