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Justice: Another Commodity in the Brotherhood of Men

Twenty minutes

Rapist and the Rapist’s father

Rape: the Inconvenient Crime

I am just a tiny bit skeptical about all the brouhaha over the bug-eyed, chinless rapist with his little swimmer’s hair Afro.  The one who got nearly a free pass for raping a 23-year-old unconscious woman. After all, both parents of the rapist have expressed how sad and depressed he is after the raping.  He hardly smiles anymore, they said. He’s too delicate to survive in prison, his mother told the judge.  He’s even taken on the “binge-drinking” cause and plans to let others know what a bad thing it is to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Violent rape is hardly worth mentioning but binge drinking is a really bad idea. His family is really proud of him for taking this on. Bless their hearts.

rapist parents 1(2)Neither the rapist nor his parents have publicly acknowledged the violent rape. It’s just too unseemly for people like the Turners and besides, they’re really, really busy worrying about all that alcohol kids drink these days. Drunkenness is the real crime here, they’ve suggested. I mean come on, the parents of the rapist are professionals.  They have relationships in the community.  The rapist was a Boy Scout and an athlete.  Just on those two merits alone he deserves his 20 minutes of action without the heavy consequence of a proper punishment. Either way, he’ll likely be released early for “good behavior” (translation: choosing masturbation over forced copulation? Only consensual sex from here on out? Keeping the cell bunk neatly tucked in like a good Boy Scout?), but still, this drinking thing has the whole family upset. They surely don’t deserve to be inconvenienced like this.

Folks all over the country are acting like this is some kind of isolated incident.  Like it’s a big deal that this kid isn’t being punished suitably for forcing his venerated man parts into a sleeping woman for twenty minutes. After all, HE WAS A BOY SCOUT! And, his mother is really brokenhearted that her rapist son and his family and friends have been put through all this inconvenience.  It’s really upset them all, she says.


The rapist’s family clearly has connections—they certainly connected with Judge Aaron Persky, a Stanford graduate himself and a fine upstanding man with precious male parts of his own. Persky also refused to award punitive damages to another rape victim because he saw photos of her wearing skimpy clothes and acting sexy. Of all the nerve she had, asking for justice. Surely she wanted to be raped, the little vamp.


Grand Poobah, Brotherhood of men

Here’s the thing.  This rapist got a stiffer sentence than most white rapists. If only the rapist named Brock Turner were black.  He’d be in jail for 20 years. People simply cannot expect these white, college boy, frat-boy, athletic, well-connected rich kid rapists and their families to be bothered with whiny rape victims.

I mean, just imagine how uncomfortable it would be for the fathers of these rapists on the golf course and country clubs with that tawdry nonsense mucking up their business relationships. And just think of the siblings and friends of the rapist, why, they’d be made to feel uncomfortable for a minute or two.  That’s just too much to ask.

The ugly reality here is that these pasty-faced rapists go unpunished more often than not with the full support of their parents and friends and the criminal justice system.  Rape victims are made out to be partially at fault and, therefore, fully at fault. The message is clearly that these silly rape victims just need to quit bothering the rapists and their families and judges. I mean, it’s just twenty minutes for g*d’s sake, lie still and shut up already.



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