Justice: Another Commodity in the Brotherhood of Men

Twenty minutes

Rapist and the Rapist’s father

Rape: the Inconvenient Crime

I am just a tiny bit skeptical about all the brouhaha over the bug-eyed, chinless rapist with his little swimmer’s hair Afro.  The one who got nearly a free pass for raping a 23-year-old unconscious woman. After all, both parents of the rapist have expressed how sad and depressed he is after the raping.  He hardly smiles anymore, they said. He’s too delicate to survive in prison, his mother told the judge.  He’s even taken on the “binge-drinking” cause and plans to let others know what a bad thing it is to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Violent rape is hardly worth mentioning but binge drinking is a really bad idea. His family is really proud of him for taking this on. Bless their hearts.

rapist parents 1(2)Neither the rapist nor his parents have publicly acknowledged the violent rape. It’s just too unseemly for people like the Turners and besides, they’re really, really busy worrying about all that alcohol kids drink these days. Drunkenness is the real crime here, they’ve suggested. I mean come on, the parents of the rapist are professionals.  They have relationships in the community.  The rapist was a Boy Scout and an athlete.  Just on those two merits alone he deserves his 20 minutes of action without the heavy consequence of a proper punishment. Either way, he’ll likely be released early for “good behavior” (translation: choosing masturbation over forced copulation? Only consensual sex from here on out? Keeping the cell bunk neatly tucked in like a good Boy Scout?), but still, this drinking thing has the whole family upset. They surely don’t deserve to be inconvenienced like this.

Folks all over the country are acting like this is some kind of isolated incident.  Like it’s a big deal that this kid isn’t being punished suitably for forcing his venerated man parts into a sleeping woman for twenty minutes. After all, HE WAS A BOY SCOUT! And, his mother is really brokenhearted that her rapist son and his family and friends have been put through all this inconvenience.  It’s really upset them all, she says.


The rapist’s family clearly has connections—they certainly connected with Judge Aaron Persky, a Stanford graduate himself and a fine upstanding man with precious male parts of his own. Persky also refused to award punitive damages to another rape victim because he saw photos of her wearing skimpy clothes and acting sexy. Of all the nerve she had, asking for justice. Surely she wanted to be raped, the little vamp.


Grand Poobah, Brotherhood of men

Here’s the thing.  This rapist got a stiffer sentence than most white rapists. If only the rapist named Brock Turner were black.  He’d be in jail for 20 years. People simply cannot expect these white, college boy, frat-boy, athletic, well-connected rich kid rapists and their families to be bothered with whiny rape victims.

I mean, just imagine how uncomfortable it would be for the fathers of these rapists on the golf course and country clubs with that tawdry nonsense mucking up their business relationships. And just think of the siblings and friends of the rapist, why, they’d be made to feel uncomfortable for a minute or two.  That’s just too much to ask.

The ugly reality here is that these pasty-faced rapists go unpunished more often than not with the full support of their parents and friends and the criminal justice system.  Rape victims are made out to be partially at fault and, therefore, fully at fault. The message is clearly that these silly rape victims just need to quit bothering the rapists and their families and judges. I mean, it’s just twenty minutes for g*d’s sake, lie still and shut up already.



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20 thoughts on “Justice: Another Commodity in the Brotherhood of Men

  1. lbeth1950 says:

    But it was only twenty minutes out of the life of an unconscious girl. How could anyone expect a Boy Scout to turn that down. People are just being mean to him. He’s from a good family who expects him to go far.

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  2. Shireen McLaughlin says:

    I have a stash of two or three of your writings in my email that I haven’t even had a chance to open yet. It’s like I glance through my email on my phone every morning to make sure I don’t have any bounced checks or important notifications or anything. I see them and then tell myself I’m going to take 10 minutes to read it when I get to work that day. And I just haven’t made it yet. Same thing with why I haven’t seen you. Once fundraising season starts for us, I am ridiculously busy. I don’t like to read the sort of thing on my phone, would rather open it up big and enjoy it. But I will get caught up! I love to read your stuff!

    Sent from my iPhone


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    • bzirkone says:

      Thank you Shireen, hearing that you save my work for optimal reading conditions makes my day…so nice to read a compliment like this first thing in the morning. This one is not a great article and I should probably take it down and work on it a bit but I was compelled to express my disgust with the whole thing so I slapped it up here and left it. I may still fix it later. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xx


  3. woundedcat says:

    It is utterly unbelievable how delusional the Turners are. Bravo to the victim for speaking out.

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    • bzirkone says:

      Every time I read one of their comments I am further stunned by how out of touch they are with the reality of what their rapist kid did to the girl. It’s like they live in some kind of testosterone-fueled dream world where men make all the rules and women are only here as a trinkets for their own amusement. Persky is part of that world, as are so many men and apparently plenty of women.

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  4. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    If you are not following Bzirkworld, you should be!!

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  5. Little Voice says:

    I’m appalled, with 2 p’s, at the judge’s actions (or lack thereof).


  6. Lady G says:

    Thanks for this! I appreciate your honesty. I rated it excellent!

    You are right, if it were one of my cousins he would have been under the jail the minute it happened. Oh and if he had been a poor white boy he, most assuredly, be serving more time than this kid got.

    I am often curious about parents who raise a child who could do something like. I just shake my head each time I see them with that puzzled look; wondering how this could have happened.

    Clearly, this little tool doesn’t know what it’s like to be told ‘NO.” But then again it was just “20 minutes of action” so forgive my stupidity.

    I applaud the young lady for her bold statement and for not backing down!

    Great post!

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    • bzirkone says:

      Thank you. I appreciate your comment. My daughter was raped under very similar circumstances in one of the richest counties in Tennessee. The cops knew the kid was guilty. Neither the rapist nor the other kids at the party were the slightest bit concerned about the accusation. They don’t fear the law. They are above it. Her host family was incensed that I would inconvenience them…these kids’ parents were business partners, after all. It was the South so there is no doubt had the rapist been black he’d still be in jail.

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      • Lady G says:

        Thank you so much for responding and I am very sorry to hear that this happened to your baby.
        As the mother of a 10 year old and a 22 year old I am just so sick and tired of people harming our children–all of them.
        Hats off to you for speaking on their behalf; even if larger parts of society have historically opted not to listen.
        I’ll tell you one thing, ALL mothers should be taking note and making their voices known.
        Peace to you and your family!

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  7. Meritings says:

    The girl’s witness statement must have been so difficult for her and her family and friends. I applaud her for her bravery. As for the ultra privileged low life and his parents and supporters, they should all be hung by their toenails, or some other appendage, infested with camels fleas, and left in a safari park for a day or seventeen. Not that I bear him any ill will, or feel any vindictiveness towards him, you understand!

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  8. I love this post and the sarcasm that comes with it. I came across a Facebook group that was made to support Brick Turner. It truly is disgusting how his family and friends are treating this.

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    • bzirkone says:

      Thanks for your comment. I also find it absolutely stunning that anyone can stand by this kid, at least not until he acknowledges the wrong he committed. None of them seem to have any idea that what he did was even objectionable. It’s all just so hard to read and understand.

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  9. Isn’t this sickening? I see the pretty boys at Vandy are finally paying the piper. Perhaps Turner will get what he deserves one day as well.

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  10. bzirkone says:

    I just saw the news about the Vanderbilt case. Hopefully his cohorts will also serve time. Justice is apparently available occasionally–and in Tennessee no less. Depends on the judge and whether or not somebody video tapes the thing. Shame.


  11. Drew Norris says:

    Lovelly blog you have here


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