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Leave My Words Alone

So, I read this whole blog about how people should no longer use the word gay to describe something odd or funny or off the mark.  Or homosexual. 

Here’s the thing about that:  People can’t just hijack a word and assign it to a group or event and then be offended because the rest of us use the word as it was meant to be used, or for that matter, in any way we choose to use it.  That’s just bullshit.  And gay. 

If somebody says, ‘I hate you because you are homosexual and ugly and have creepy blue eyes,” well, that is offensive.  I guess.  Although, it would not offend me if I were homosexual, ugly and had creepy eyes.  I wouldn’t care. 

I am tempted to do the whole disclaimer thing where I say I know and love a bunch of ‘gay’ people but really that’s not necessary.  All the gay and straight people I know and love – know I love them  whether I call something  gay or call it something else.  So I won’t bother with the disclaimer.

I refuse to allow a word to be removed from my posse of words because somebody has changed the meaning of it and decided to own it for themselves.   

Of all the things I am sick and tired of – offended people top the list.

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