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More Than 50 Years After the Movement–I’m Finally Burning my Bra

pinkbraIt’s been more than 100 years since the first bra patent was issued in the U.S.  Think about that.  100 years.

New advances in fabric and hooks and fasteners and wires and padding and straps and God knows, sex appeal have been unleashed on a grateful nation of amply and otherwise breasted women. Continue reading

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Seven-year (B)itch. AKA: Anetha.

I’ve been waiting for seven years to be really, really pissed at T-mobile but it took me quite by surprise when it finally happened.  I have been so accustomed to hanging up from calls with them knowing full well that I should quit them and get another carrier but their  World Class Customer Service kept me  all aglow and fluttery.

Extremely limited coverage, serious hardware malfunctions for months at a time  – with high dollar phones that were meant to be state-of-the-art –  (but released months before they were ready for the public:   HTC HD2..need I say more?), no service at all in places I visit regularly and for that matter, very spotty service even from the recliner in my living room – yet, so overcome by the sheer joy of being treated with respect and feeling so appreciated by the techie talking me through whatever billing or hardware or glitchy error I have ..I hang up every time.. content.  T-Mobile loved me so much – all that other bullshit was hardly worth mentioning.  Hell, who needs reliable coverage anyway??

A lesson I should have learned when I was 18 years old:  Using K-Y  jelly when you bend me over every month DOES NOT MEAN YOU LOVE ME.   But Still.  Those phone calls were so satisfying.

I paid  for cell service for seven years knowing full well that I could just pay a little more with another carrier and actually have a signal at my in-laws in BFE (where trust me, a cell phone is often my only salvation), at the campsite we frequent every summer and oh hell yes, even in my Lazy-Girl chair in the living room.

I stayed and stayed.  Because they had World Class Customer Service.  Had.  Keyword.   For seven years.

It ended the day I reached Anetha at T-Mobile Customer Care.  Anetha did not Care.   Her supervisor, Shantel, who finally took over when I explained to Anetha that I preferred not to speak to shitheads such as herself, also did not Care.  Shantel insisted that TM  provides World Class Customer Service and was extremely disappointed that I did not believe it anymore.  Anetha, on the other hand, actually challenged my statement that this was the first bad customer service experience for me in seven years (Fo rea gir? No way!).

While waiting on hold for Shantel to take over, the piped-in music played the famous Rod Stewart song,  The First Cut is the Deepest. Even the song was a remake, sung by some generic female vocalist in a wanna-be sultry voice that came off more whispery and lifeless.  It made me a little sad.

Few companies are able to keep me loyal for as long as T-Mobile has.  Normally I would tolerate the kind of poor coverage, limited hardware and typically shysty contract-renewal-scheming  for about a day and a half.  Somehow though, TM‘s World Class Customer Service kept me happy,  if not a little embarrassed at my own willing acceptance that I was being schmoozed and plied.    I actually believe T-Mobile had a genuine understanding of what consumers really want.  Ultimately, understanding that they end up the big winner by just treating me with loads of respect and kindness is a simple concept that  T-Mobile seemed to embrace.

I’m glad it’s over.  It was actually too good to be true.  At least for any longer than seven years.

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